The .NET Framework issues in Windows 10 are caused by July updates

The .NET Framework issues in Windows 10 are caused by July updates

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DOWNLOADMicrosoft recently confirmed that security updates and quality updates for the .NET Framework released in July 2018 after installation may lead to the failure of some applications.

In the newsletter, the company reports that after installing the July .NET Framework updates, some applications may not start and work incorrectly.

Patches with this problem were released for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The problem is observed in all versions of Windows 10, including the April 2018 Update.

Microsoft has already canceled the delivery of problematic updates. This means that systems that have not yet been updated are secure, and no additional action is required from the user in this case. On the other hand, Microsoft recommends that users remove installed patches as a temporary solution until a full fix is ​​released.

Microsoft issued an official statement on this issue:

Scheduled security and quality updates for the .NET Framework were released in early July. We received a lot of user reports about application crashes and their incorrect work after installing updates released in early July 2018. Problems are observed in applications that perform the initialization of the COM component and are started with limited permissions.

We temporarily stopped distributing the .NET Framework updates from July 2018 through Windows Update and are actively developing a solution for this problem. If you installed the July updates and did not notice any negative consequences, we recommend that you leave it as it is. However, continue to monitor the system and make sure that you install future .NET Framework updates.

Microsoft notes that if users need more help, they can turn to Microsoft support. The timing of the availability of the new patch remains unknown. However, given the nature of the problems caused, you can expect that Redmond will release the fixes as soon as possible, without waiting for the next Tuesday of the Patch in August.