How to export and import bookmarks in Microsoft Edge?

Like other older browsers, the latest version of Microsoft Edge supports bookmarking, journal and saved passwords. Using the functions of exporting and importing data is not difficult, the following describes how. Import and export functions of favorites and other data are available in the main browser menu: ••• → Settings → Import favorites and other […]

How to automatically delete temporary files in the Recycle Bin?

In Windows 10 Creators Update, a new tool has become available to users of the operating system to automatically delete unused files. It is simple to use it, further it is told how. Automatic removal of temporary files that are not used in applications, the contents of the Recycle Bin older than 30 days, as […]

How to deploy a UWP application in full screen?

Experts at Microsoft have provided the ability to activate full-screen mode for Windows 10 UWP applications. How to use it is described below. To deploy the desired application in full screen, just use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Win + Enter. When you activate full-screen mode, the program window title and taskbar will be hidden. […]

How to convert currencies to windows 10?

One of the innovations of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the ability to convert currencies using the Calculator system application. How to use the new function is described below. To switch to the currency converter, simply launch the “Calculator” from the Start menu or using the search bar on the taskbar, go to the […]

How to use the new emoji keyboard in Windows 10?

In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, a new emoji input panel was proposed to the modern generation of users of the operating system who are used to communicating with text emoticons, emoji and stickers. How to use it and described below. To call the Emoji keyboard, simply place the cursor in any input field and […]

How to reset application settings in Windows 10?

Getting rid of the critical problems of an application installed from the Microsoft Store can be helped by resetting it, during which the saved data and parameters are deleted. Take advantage of the reset function is not difficult, any cope. To reset the desired application, you must first go to the list of installed programs […]

How to use the Night Light function in Windows 10?

With prolonged daily use of the computer, in particular in the evening and morning hours, the human body can experience the harmful effects of blue light emitted by the screen. Reduce this unpleasant effect, improve sleep and reduce eye strain will help the function “Night Light”, which is part of the latest versions of Windows […]

How to rename a computer in Windows 10?

For greater ease of use in local area networks, Windows computers are automatically assigned unique text names. Users are allowed to change this name at their discretion. How to do this in Windows 10 is described below. To rename a computer in Windows 10, you need to start the Settings application, in it go to […]

How to enable remote desktop in windows 10?

The Windows operating system supports remote control from another computer, useful for servicing or repairing problems. How to enable remote desktop in Windows 10, is described below. To enable the remote computer control function, go to the Settings → System → Remote Desktop application and switch the Enable Remote Desktop switch to the On position. […]

How to change the screen scale in Windows 10?

Screens of some modern computers have a huge size, high resolution and pixel density. Zooming can help make the use of such displays more comfortable, allowing you to increase the size of text, applications, and other interface elements. To change the screen scale, go to the Settings → System → Display → Scale and Markup […]

How to change the sensitivity of the touch panel in Windows 10?

Owners of laptops and hybrid devices are sometimes faced with problems when using the touch panel, caused by accidental clicks or touches. Getting rid of them without turning off the touchpad can help change its sensitivity. You can change the sensitivity of the touchpad using Windows 10 in the Settings application, in the Devices → […]