How to prevent applications from running in the background in Windows 10

In this guide, we will look at how to prevent all or individual Windows 10 applications from running in the background. Step 1. Open the Settings app and go to the Privacy section → Background apps. Step 2. In the “Background Applications” section, move the slider to the “Off” position to Disallow all applications to […]

How to change the folder image in Windows 10?

Many PC users know that you can change the default folder icon in Windows 10. For example, you can change the default folder icon in Windows 10, giving it the appearance of the Windows 7 folder, or use third-party utilities to change the color of the folder icon. But this is not all, we can […]

How to free up space on the system disk due to system compression?

In Windows 10, Microsoft has provided a new way to save disk space by compressing binary and software system files. If you are sure of your desire to use system compression, run the Disk Cleanup utility in any convenient way (right click on the C drive), find the System Compression option in the Delete the […]

The screen is darkened and the laptop does not turn on (Windows 10)

The laptop screen went dark. It starts up, but the screen is still dark. When I turn on the computer, everything starts up, the indicators are all lit and the startup noise is audible. The problem is the north bridge. Very common malfunction. Most often occurs due to overheating of the device. Signs of a […]

The system does not find the path when trying to write to the tablet

The problem occurs only when trying to record from the torrent to the memory of the Samsung SM-T310 tablet. On flash drives and internal memory writes fine. And on this tablet it is not clear where to address – when you click on the “computer”, the tablet is presented as an SM-T310 (this address does […]

How To Fix rtwlane.sys Blue Screen In Windows 10

Many times already wrote about the various errors of the “blue screen of death“, and here one site visitor wrote to me that he gets the error rtwlane.sys. This is a file error and falls under the category of DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS or EQUAL related errors. This indicates that the kernel driver attempted to […]

Fix BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO Error in Windows 10

BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO usually occurs due to some problems with the boot configuration data file (BCD). The main problem inside BCD is the fact that some download files or some older files may conflict with newer or more stable files and, therefore, cause the “Blue Screen of Death” error in Windows 10/8/7. This error […]

Clipboard in Windows 10 – How to use and clear history

This feature is only available on Windows 10, version 1809 or later, and is disabled by default. To enable your new clipboard, open your computer’s settings “Options”> “System”> “Clipboard”> on the right Enable “Clipboard log”. Windows automatically synchronizes all copied items across all devices when this feature is enabled. This may be necessary, but it […]

Record Video from the computer screen without programs in Windows 10

Many of us seek to record video from a computer screen with sound for various reasons. For example, catching a good moment on a news website or it could be a live broadcast, broadcast on social networks, or maybe you just wanted to capture a piece of cool video from YouTube. Video editing software, such […]

ERR QUIC PROTOCOL ERROR error in Google Chrome

If you are unable to open any website and get an ERR QUIC PROTOCOL ERROR error message in Google Chrome, consider a few solutions that may be useful to you. The error message looks like this: 1. Disable QUIC protocol QUIC is an experimental network transport protocol that is present in Google Chrome to establish […]