Where to download the official ISO images of Windows 10?

By default, the Jubilee Update for Windows 10 is distributed through Windows Update. But if you are faced with the task of carrying out a clean installation of the system, it makes sense to use the ISO-images of installation disks, also offered by Microsoft. Download images of the installation disk Windows 10 in ISO format […]

How to complement your antivirus features of Windows Defender?

According to Microsoft, a very large part of personal computers that are already protected by third-party antivirus software are infected for one reason or another. Reduce possible risks will help the function of an additional periodic system scan Defender Windows. This feature has become available to users of Windows 10 along with the “Jubilee update” […]

How to allow installation of unpublished applications in Windows 10?

The creators of Windows 10 have provided the ability to install universal applications not only from the Windows Store, but also from other sources. That’s just for security reasons, it is disabled by default. How to allow the installation of unpublished applications and described below. Installing universal applications, unpublished in the Windows Store, but obtained […]

How to use the offline mode Defender Windows 10?

Sometimes it happens that malware penetrates deep into the system and blocks the actions of Windows Defender. Removing them in this case is very difficult, but still possible in the autonomous mode of the antivirus. The Defender is launched in this mode from the Options → Update and Security → Windows Defender → Windows Stand-alone […]

How to disable the Notification Center in Windows 10?

Windows 10 Notification and Action Center is a very convenient tool for managing notifications from applications and quick access to frequently changed settings. But if you do not need the capabilities of this system component, it is not difficult to get rid of it. It’s impossible to completely get rid of the Notification Center, but […]

How to remove passwords, cookies and other Microsoft Edge data?

The problem of confidentiality of personal data today is very acute. Clearing the log, deleting cookies, passwords and other data stored in the browser will help to ensure greater privacy. To delete all saved Microsoft Edge data, go to menu ••• → Settings → Clear browser data → Select what you want to clear, then […]

How to disable the synchronization of themes and passwords in Windows 10?

The creators of Windows 10 provides the ability to synchronize some Windows settings between devices within a single Microsoft account. If you want to have unique settings for each of the computers used, you can disable it. To disable the synchronization of Windows settings, simply launch the Settings → Accounts → Synchronize your settings panel […]

How to edit tags in Windows 10 audio files?

Sometimes you and I have a need to edit the information stored in the tags of audio files of common formats. This can be done without the use of third-party programs using the Groove Music Player or Windows Explorer. To call the Groove Music application’s tag editor, just select the desired song or album in […]

How to add a program to startup in Windows 10?

Back in Windows 8, Microsoft, for some unknown reason, deprived users of the ability to add the desired program to autoload manually using familiar methods: via Task Manager or the Startup folder in the Start menu. The simplest of workarounds will be discussed further. The easiest way to start the program at system startup is […]

How to enable and disable game mode in Windows 10

One of the new features of the last major update for Windows 10 was the so-called “Game Mode”, when activated, the operating system allocates more resources to the game due to which, according to the developers, performance is improved. Together with the installation of Creators Update, “Game Mode” is activated at the system level automatically, […]

How to enable and configure a virtual touchpad in Windows 10?

In addition to other features, along with the Windows 10 Creators Update, users of tablets and hybrid devices were able to use a virtual touch panel. To activate it, just call the context menu on the taskbar and tick the item “Show touchpad button”. It is worth noting that this item is available only on […]