NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 417.01 / 417.21

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 417.01 / 417.21 Hotfix Download Drivers

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DOWNLOADThe new version of NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 417.01 WHQL graphics drivers is available for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 64-bit and offers gameplay optimization for Darksiders III. Version 417.21 Hotfix for Windows 10 is also available.

Updated 11/30/2018: Version 417.21 Hotfix for Windows 10 64-bit has been added, which fixes a number of problems found in version 417.01.

Download 417.01 / 417.21 for Laptop

Download 417.01 / 417.21 for PC

Download 417.01 for Windows 7, 8.1

GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 417.21 for Windows 10

The new GeForce Hotfix 417.21 correction driver fixes the following issues:

Incorrect value of the memory transfer rate in the NVIDIA Control Panel.
Microsoft Edge stopped responding after playing a video.
After upgrading to 471.01, it was impossible to change the color mode.

New to NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 417.01 / 417.21 WHQL

Drivers offer gameplay optimization for Darksiders III, add SLI profiles for Artifact and fix a lot of bugs. For example, fixed a problem that blocked the installation of the refresh rate of the screen above 30 Hz for some 4K Ultra HD monitors (subject to compliance with hardware requirements, such as DisplayPort HBR2 or HDMI 2.0 or higher). Also corrected the work of Frame Rate Limiter 2 in some situations and eliminated the cause of the error “Event ID 14”, which occurred when CSM is disabled in the UEFI settings.

In addition, the developers managed to solve the problem of saving G-Sync mode when exiting the game and the problem with incomplete NVIDIA Ansel images that appear at a resolution of 30X or higher.

When installing new drivers, download and run the correct version of the package for your system configuration, close the programs and applications that may interfere with the installation, and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to restart the computer so that the changes are applied correctly. If the reboot did not pass automatically, perform it manually.