KB4519338 (Build 17763.806) Update for Windows 10, Version 1809

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DOWNLOAD pass”123″Microsoft has released cumulative update KB4519338 (OS Build 17763.806) for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) and Windows Server 2019 (1809). How to download and install a new assembly

Update KB4489899 (Build 17763.379) for Windows 10, version 1809

October 8 – Comss.ru, Operating Systems. Cumulative update package KB4519338 is for Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update) based on x86, x64 (amd64), ARM64, and Windows Server 2019 (1809) processors for x64-based systems. The update is available as part of Tuesday’s patch.

Installing through Windows Update

Cumulative update 4519338 is installed automatically through Windows Update. To check, go to the menu Options > Update and Security and press Check for Updates.

To complete the installation, you will need to restart your computer. After the update, the build number of Windows 10 will change to 17763.806.

Install and configure Windows 10 updates

Download update KB4519338

You can also download the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog and install it manually from the link below:

Download KB4519338

Note. Security installation KB4521862 is also available for installation – service stack update (What is the “Servicing stack update”?), Which must be installed before receiving KB4519338.

Improvements and corrections KB4519338 (17763.806)

This update includes quality updates. New system features are not presented. List key changes:

Summary of Changes:

  • Security improvements introduced using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Updated username and password verification process.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem in the keyboard input isolation subsystem that caused incorrect filtering of keystrokes.
  • The security vulnerability CVE-2019-1318 was fixed, which could lead to increased delays and increased processor load on client and server computers that do not support Extended Master Secret (EMS) RFC 7627. The problem appeared during the TLS Handshake procedure (negotiating connection over TLS [Transport Layer Security]) with devices and servers that do not support EMS. EMS support is available on all supported versions of Windows, starting from 2015. The technology will be forcibly introduced with the release of updates of October 8 and subsequent monthly updates.
  • Fixed a problem with applications and printer drivers that use the Windows JavaScript engine (jscript.dll) to process print jobs.
  • Security updates for Windows Shell, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows cryptographic systems, Windows authentication systems, Windows storage and file systems, Windows kernel, Microsoft Scripting Engine and Windows Server.

If you installed previous updates, this time only new changes in the composition of the rollup package will be applied.

Known bugs:

  • Some operations, such as rename, may not work for Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) and cause an error.«STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5)».
  • After installing update KB4493509, devices on which some Asian language packs are installed may receive an error message «0x800f0982 – PSFX_E_MATCHING_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND».
  • It is reported that a small number of devices may encounter a black screen when they first log in after installing the update. If you encounter this problem, click Ctrl+Alt+Delete, press the button Power in the lower right corner and select Reboot.
  • After installing the update, users of the Windows Mixed Reality Portal may encounter the “15-5” error. In some cases, the portal reports that the mixed reality headset is in sleep mode, but the attempt to wake the device is unsuccessful.

DOWNLOAD pass”123″

You can download the file below:

x64 download update
x86 download update
ARM64 download update
Windows Server 2019 download update