How to see which apps discharges the battery in Windows 10?

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DOWNLOADIf you notice that the battery of your Windows 10 device runs out of power too quickly, there may be several reasons for this. This could be a failed battery or one or more applications, causing a greater load on the CPU and other equipment, as a result of which the battery loses its charge much faster. If the first item is difficult to solve the problem, then the second one can easily check and return the device to service.

How to view battery usage for each installed application in Windows 10?

In order to find something that discharges the battery in Windows 10, you can use the built-in utility “Battery Saving“. Using this tool, you can diagnose battery usage by applications and adjust their activity in the background.

Open the “Settings” application by pressing the Win + I key combination on the keyboard and go to “System” → “Battery“.

On the battery settings page, click on the link “Battery usage by app” to see how certain programs affect the battery level.

Battery usage by app

On the page that opens, you can select the time interval – 6 hours, 24 hours and 1 week, to see what percentage of the battery charge a particular application consumes. As you can see in the picture below “Hero of the Day” – Chrome browser, in my case, he used most of the battery life. You can also click on any application in the list to see what percentage of the battery it consumes when running in the background.

Battery usage by app - 24 hours, week 6 hours

In order to reduce the activity of energy consumption for all applications in the background and increase battery life, you need to turn on the “Save battery until next charge” mode, go back to the “Battery” settings page, Find the “Save battery” section and slide the switch to position “ON“. (see screen below)

Save Battery Windows 10

The display consumes the most battery, you can automatically reduce the brightness settings to increase battery life.

You can allow or deny any application to run in the background, respectively, to consume battery power.

Using these simple steps, you can get information about which applications are quickly discharging the battery, and manage them by extending the time your Windows 10 device works.

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