How to enable Chrome browser guest mode for other users

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DOWNLOAD pass”123″If you use the Google Chrome browser’s guest mode, you can allow your friends and family to browse the Internet on your computer, while maintaining the confidentiality of information on your account.

This feature is only available on desktop computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and chromebooks.

How does guest mode work

When friends and family members browse the Internet on your computer as guests, their browsing history and cookies are not saved. In addition, they cannot see or change your personal data and Chrome settings.

Use guest mode

Enable and disable guest mode

Step 1. Open Chrome on your computer.
Step 2. Open Google Chrome Settings.
Step 3. In the Users section, select the Enable guest mode guest checkbox.

To disable the guest mode, uncheck the box Enable guest mode.

Browsing the Internet in guest mode

Step 1. Open Chrome on your computer.
Step 2. In the upper right corner, click on the button with your name or icon of the little man.
Step 3. Click User ManagementView as Guest.

To exit guest mode, in the upper right corner, click GuestEnd Guest Session.

Differences between guest and incognito modes

Guest mode and incognito are used for anonymous browsing, however, there are some differences between them:

Guest mode: the user in this mode does not leave any cookies or browsing history on the computer.

Incognito mode: does not leave the history of visited pages and cookies on your computer, but you can still use existing bookmarks, passwords, history of autocomplete data and other Chrome settings.

Important: the incognito and guest modes do not make you invisible on the Internet. Your employer and your ISP may have access to your online activity history.

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