How to disable defender Windows 10, 8.1 and enable when needed

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Windows Defender is a standard application that protects your computer system from Trojans and viruses, which can be picked up on the Internet or when transferring files from a USB flash drive and other media. It usually functions until another antivirus is downloaded, which will disable the standard protection without your intervention.

However, this does not always happen, and you may need to deactivate programs manually. This is necessary in situations where a standard antivirus program prevents you from installing a game or downloading a file. From this article you can understand how to disable Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 protector. Also at the end it will be described how you can turn it back on when needed.

The way to deactivate the defender Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

There is nothing difficult in disabling the protection program; even those who own a computer at the initial level will cope with this task. It is enough to follow the instructions and not to deviate from it.

First you need to go to the Control Panel. There are two ways to do this:

Click on “Start” with the left mouse button and select the desired item.
Move the cursor to the lower right corner on the screen, in the appeared section select “Parameters”, in which there will be a “Control Panel” item.
A window will appear in which will be presented all sorts of sections designed to personalize your computer. It is advisable to change the type of viewing from “Categories” to “Large icons” to make it easier to find the desired function. Among all the items will be “Windows Defender” – we need it. You will need to click on it and pay attention to the pop-up window.

If an inscription appears in which it says that the application is not functioning and it is not being monitored, then the protector is already disabled either by you or by another user who has access to your electronic device, or by an antivirus. In this case, do not need to do anything.

Disable defender in Windows 8.1

How to turn off the defender in the modification of the eighth version of “8.1” is a question that may interest people who have this application activated and interfere with their work. The answer is much easier than in the case of the tenth version of the operating system.

First you need to go to the Control Panel and click on the icon of the standard defender, select the “Parameters” section and the “Administrator” subsection there. If everything is done correctly, an item called “Enable Application” should appear.

You must remove the check mark from it and click on the “Save Changes” button, but first make sure that such protection is really no longer needed. If a good anti-virus program is not installed on the computer, then it is not recommended to deactivate the built-in one, since this can cause serious problems with the system.

Disable defender in Windows 10

The way to deactivate the built-in protection in Windows 10 version is much more complicated than in the eighth one. However, he will do quite well, the main thing is to follow the guidelines exactly, how to turn off Windows 10 protector for a while or forever.

Having opened the “Parameters”, which are located at the top right, it will be necessary to rearrange the “Real-time Protection” item from the on state to the off state. However, this option is suitable only for those people who need only temporarily deactivate the standard defender. It will not work for about 15 minutes, and then automatically turns on.

There are other, more complex ways that will help make the trip permanent. They should be used if this kind of protection is not required or interferes.

Instructions for the first method:

Start the local group policy editor using the Win + R combination and enter gpedit.msc into it. After that, click on the “OK” button.

Go to the Device Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Endpoint Protection. In the final version dozens may not be such a section. Therefore, its owners will need to go to Windows Defender, where there are also functions for deactivating the built-in protection.

Find the Endpoint Protection item in the main editor window, open it and make the “Enabled” option for it. After that, click “OK” and close the editor.

If everything was done correctly, the defender Vidnovs will be turned off, about which a notification will immediately arrive in which it will be offered to start the program.

Do not be frightened by the inscription that the computer is under threat, since it means almost nothing.

For the second method, you will need to use the registry editor:

Open it, you must select the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Defender. It is necessary to make the DWORD parameter, which must be called DisableAntiSpyware, if it is not in the section. The main thing is to choose the value 1 for it if the defender needs to be deactivated. If you want it to be in the on state, then the number needs to be changed to 0.

After that, the program should not interfere with work, and you can safely install games or a new antivirus program.

How to activate the defender Windows

It may happen that you or a particular program deactivates the Defender, which can be understood from the corresponding pop-up window. If now for some reason you need to make it work, then you can easily do this by clicking on the required notification in the security center. The question of how to turn on the defender of Windows 10, if it is disabled, will no longer be relevant, since the system will do everything on its own. However, if you used the registry editor, you will need to do the reverse operation yourself.

How to enable Windows 8.1 protector, if it is disabled, is also an easily resolved issue. You just need to go to the Support Center and view the messages that are there.

If they say that the standard anti-virus program is disabled, you can activate it by clicking on “Enable now”. After that, everything should work without your intervention. If this does not happen, the system probably failed and should be restarted.

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