How to create, edit and configure a passphrase to sync Google Chrome

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DOWNLOAD pass”123″The sync password encrypts all synced data. If you create it, you can store and synchronize data using cloud storage, and Google will not have access to it.

Regardless of whether a password has been set or not, your synchronized data is encrypted during transmission.

Before creating a sync password

Before you create a password, you need to know that:

In order to continue syncing, you must enter the new sync password in Chrome on all devices.
When you sign in to Chrome on a new device, you must enter a new synchronization password.

After creating a synchronization password

Your browser will not show hints based on the pages you viewed in Chrome.
You will not be able to view saved passwords at or use Smart Lock for passwords.
Your story will not sync between devices. Internet addresses entered in the address bar in Chrome will still be synchronized.

Note: if you forget your sync password, Google will not be able to help you recover it. It will be necessary to reset it.

Create Chrome sync password

The sync password is stored on your computer and is never sent to Google. Only a person who knows the password can synchronize the encrypted data with the new device.

Step 1. Open chrome://settings/
Step 2. In the People section, click Sync.
Step 3. Go down. Click on Encrypt synced data with your own sync passphrase
Step 4. Create and confirm a password for synchronization.
Step 5. Click OK.

Create Chrome sync password

Create sync password on mobile device

Step 1. On your Android device, open the Chrome Google Chrome browser launch icon.
Step 2. Click the Vertical Trickle icon button in the Google Chrome menu → Settings
Step 3. Click on your account name.
Step 4. Click Sync.
Step 5. At the bottom, click Encryption.
Step 6. Select Encrypt synced data with your own sync passphrase.
Step 7. Create and confirm a synchronization password.
Step 8. Click OK.

Reset or delete password sync

Synchronization needs to be reset if:

The browser asks for the old password, which you do not remember.
You do not remember your sync password.
You want to change your sync password.
You do not want to use the synchronization password anymore.
Resetting or deleting the sync password causes all synchronized data to be deleted from Google servers and disabling all synchronized computers and devices. Data stored on computers and devices is not deleted.

Current bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings will not be available in Chrome. You can turn on sync again when you re-enter Chrome on your devices.

Step 1. Open the Google Panel.
Step 2. Click Stop Sync.
Step 3. Click OK to confirm.
Step 4. Log in to Chrome:
Step 5. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the “vertical ellipsis” icon of the Google Chrome menu → Settings.
Step 6. Click Sign in to Chrome.

Synchronization will start again, but without the use of a passphrase.

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DOWNLOAD pass”123″