How to create a guest profile in Chrome for other users.

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DOWNLOAD pass”123″When you create a controlled user profile, you can specify which pages it will be able to view, as well as check what it actually does on the Internet.

In the case of a controlled user profile, you can:

check which sites he visits;
block access to individual pages;
prohibit the installation of applications and extensions;
Enable SafeSearch filter (enabled by default);
change user settings.

A controlled user profile can be created, for example, for a family member. Then you will then have control over what this person is doing in Chrome.

Creating a controlled profile gives you other options besides creating a Google account. The monitored Chrome profile allows you to define Internet usage rules for a specific user, however, it is not designed to work with services such as Google, Gmail, Google Plus and Drive.

Creating a controlled profile

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser.
Step 2. Sign in to Chrome.
Step 3. In the upper right corner, click on the button with your name or icon of the little man.
Step 4. Click Manage Users.
Step 5. Click Add Person.

Creating a controlled profile in Google Chrome

Step 6. Select a photo and name.
Step 7. Check the box to view the sites opened by this user and control his actions through a Google account.
Step 8. Click the down arrow Open the selection of the user being monitored.
Step 9. Choose your account.
Step 10. If the account, user profile already exist and you want to use the same settings, click Import existing user profile.
Step 11. Click Save.

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