Is Windows 10 registry editor disabled by the administrator? Enable editor.

If, when you try to open the Windows 10 registry editor, you get the message: “Editing the registry is prohibited by the system administrator“, it can be quickly fixed. How to allow access and editing of the registry Windows 10. Step 1. Press the key combination on the Win + R keyboard, in the Run […]

3 ways to format disks / partitions in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers several ways to format a partition or disk. You can initiate a format operation from File Explorer, Disk Management, PowerShell, or Command Prompt. In this guide, we will look at all three ways to format a disk or partition in Windows 10 without using third-party utilities. How to hide a disk from […]

How to enable Chrome browser guest mode for other users

If you use the Google Chrome browser’s guest mode, you can allow your friends and family to browse the Internet on your computer, while maintaining the confidentiality of information on your account. This feature is only available on desktop computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and chromebooks. How does guest mode work When friends and family members […]

How to add bookmarks from another browser to Chrome browser

Bookmarks and favorites from another browser can be imported into Google Chrome. You can also use bookmarks from Chrome elsewhere after exporting them to an HTML file. Import from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari To import bookmarks, follow these steps: Step 1. Open Chrome on your computer. Step 2. In the upper right corner, […]

How to remove applications from the context menu – Open with.

The context menu “Open with” is a special command that allows the user to open the selected file in an alternative application instead of the application that is installed by default for this file type. For example, you can open an image using Paint, Photos, or Adobe Photoshop. If there are unwanted programs or applications […]

How to share with friends a password from Wi-Fi using a QR-code.

You set a complex password for Wi-Fi, and friends sometimes come to you, you can generate a QR code so that they can quickly connect to the network. The special PowerShell module – QRCGGenerator, can be used to generate QR codes and supports the following types of objects. Contact cards (vCard)WiFi network dataGeolocation PowerShell is […]

How to perform an emergency restart of Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a secret reboot mode called Emergency Reboot. When you perform an Emergency Restart, Windows forcibly closes all running applications, you will not see any warnings about saving your work. This method of restarting can be useful if you have any problems with applications or system hang, and you would like to quickly […]

Useful keyboard shortcuts for the calculator in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft replaced the old calculator with a new modern application. Many do not know that it has hotkeys. If you are interested, using keyboard shortcuts (hot keys), you can use the calculator in Windows 10 more productively. Today we will share keyboard shortcuts for Calculator, in Windows 10. In Windows 10, Microsoft […]

2 ways to copy personal files if Windows 10 does not boot.

Does your computer refuse to boot? You can not boot into Windows 10 because of problems with the launch? Do you want to copy, save – your documents, photos and other personal files before reinstalling or before starting the recovery of Windows 10? In this guide, we will look at how to recover your data […]

Create a shortcut key to quickly open an apps in Windows 10.

Windows 10 comes with dozens of applications such as Mail, Calendar, Edge, Photo, Skype, Groove Music, Calculator and more. Most of these applications are fixed in the Start menu and you can start them in two, three clicks. If you have been using Windows 10 for a long time, you probably found that some of […]

Keyboard shortcuts for the Mail application in Windows 10.

The Mail application is probably one of the most used built-in Windows 10 applications. It offers almost everything you need to manage your email accounts. If you have added one or several email accounts to the Mail application and use it regularly, you may need to look at what keyboard shortcuts are available in the […]