How to disable updates in Windows 10: in different ways

The article describes in detail how to disable the update Windows 10, carried out in automatic mode. You don’t always know that you are shoving Microsoft in the next update package, and you can’t refuse to download and install updates in the top ten without using administrative features or special utilities. By the way, you […]

Remove the password when you log in Windows 10, in three ways

Have you set a password to log in, and now the operating system requires you to enter it every time you turn on the computer or transfer it from sleep / hibernation? No problem. It is easy to fix, and without removing the password from the account. You can remove the password when you log […]

Detection of unknown programs in startup Windows 10

Task Manager allows you to see and control programs and services when you start Windows. Most utilities are easily identified, for example, Dropbox, NVIDIA products, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. But sometimes we may encounter a program that does not contain any information regarding its creator. Let’s look at the screenshot below. We see that most […]

How to open startup in Windows 10: what programs started

In older versions of Windows, it was possible to open the startup location, through the Start menu, after running Windows 8, Microsoft removed this feature by complicating the end user’s access to the startup folder. But this does not mean that it is no longer an important component of Windows, it was simply attributed to […]

How to add a file to startup Windows 10: bat script code

Some applications run automatically every time you log on to Windows 10, but you can add any program, file or folder to your Windows 10 startup. This addition is especially important for those items that you use regularly. You should also pay your attention to the number of programs and other elements that are in […]

Menu control options for startup Windows 10, how to open a new program

Most of us know how to manage startup items through the task manager. Using this tool gave users not only a list of items that were in autoload, but offered a convenient information rating, helping to determine which programs slow down the loading time so that they can be disabled if necessary. Now, starting with […]

Startup in the registry Windows 10: where are the records of programs

This publication answers the question of where the startup entries in the Windows 10 registry are located, which may be needed by advanced users to edit the launched items when entering Windows. But still, it is better to use the “Startup Menu” in the system settings or the “Task Manager” for management; this is a […]

Startup folder Windows 10: where it is located, how to open the folder

Windows 10 startup folder added for the convenience of users, it allows you to get instant access to a set of frequently used programs and applications that are automatically launched by the system every time you start your computer. Its first implementation took place in Windows 95. Any items that should be launched automatically at […]

How to disable defender Windows 10, 8.1 and enable when needed

  Windows Defender is a standard application that protects your computer system from Trojans and viruses, which can be picked up on the Internet or when transferring files from a USB flash drive and other media. It usually functions until another antivirus is downloaded, which will disable the standard protection without your intervention. However, this […]