The section contains all the necessary settings Google Chrome. Instructions with step-by-step explanations. Custom error solutions in Chrome. Manuals are presented for Windows 10.

How to properly disable or logout of a user account in Google Chrome

To stop syncing history, bookmarks, and settings in your Google account, sign out of Chrome. To remove someone’s data stored in Chrome from someone’s computer (including history, bookmarks, and passwords), delete this user’s profile from Chrome. Exit Chrome and delete profile If you log out, the data will no longer sync to your Google account. […]

How to create, edit and configure a passphrase to sync Google Chrome

The sync password encrypts all synced data. If you create it, you can store and synchronize data using cloud storage, and Google will not have access to it. Regardless of whether a password has been set or not, your synchronized data is encrypted during transmission. Before creating a sync password Before you create a password, […]

How to change Google Chrome browser interface style

The Google Chrome browser on your computer can be customized using themes. The theme is displayed in the header of the browser and as a background when opening a new tab. Your Chrome themes are saved in your Google account, so when you sign in to Chrome on any computer, you’ll see the same theme. […]

How to create a guest profile in Chrome for other users.

When you create a controlled user profile, you can specify which pages it will be able to view, as well as check what it actually does on the Internet. In the case of a controlled user profile, you can: check which sites he visits; block access to individual pages; prohibit the installation of applications and […]

Reset sync settings in Chrome browser, Stop syncing Google account

If you want to completely stop syncing your Google account in Chrome or delete your data from Google’s servers, you can reset the sync. To stop synchronization and clear synchronized data or reset the synchronization password, follow these steps: Step 1. Open the Google Panel. Make sure you are signed in to your google account. […]

How to enable Chrome browser guest mode for other users

If you use the Google Chrome browser’s guest mode, you can allow your friends and family to browse the Internet on your computer, while maintaining the confidentiality of information on your account. This feature is only available on desktop computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and chromebooks. How does guest mode work When friends and family members […]

How to add bookmarks from another browser to Chrome browser

Bookmarks and favorites from another browser can be imported into Google Chrome. You can also use bookmarks from Chrome elsewhere after exporting them to an HTML file. Import from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari To import bookmarks, follow these steps: Step 1. Open Chrome on your computer. Step 2. In the upper right corner, […]

How to increase the speed of the browser Google Chrome

To improve the performance of the Google Chrome browser, just implement a few tips. Chrome is faster if you have the latest version. Close all unused tabs. The more tabs open, the more difficult Chrome to work. Closing unnecessary cards frees computer computing resources. To close a tab, follow these steps: Click the Close button […]

Reset Google Chrome settings in Windows 10, 2 different ways

Resetting Google Chrome settings is a way to get your browser back to work, remove malicious extensions and add-ons, restore your home page and the page that opens when you create a new tab, as well as the ability to return Google as your default search engine. Reset Google Chrome settings When performing this operation, […]