Detailed guides to installing and configuring Windows 10. Recommendations for use, as well as step-by-step instructions for updating and restoring the system.

How to properly disable or logout of a user account in Google Chrome

To stop syncing history, bookmarks, and settings in your Google account, sign out of Chrome. To remove someone’s data stored in Chrome from someone’s computer (including history, bookmarks, and passwords), delete this user’s profile from Chrome. Exit Chrome and delete profile If you log out, the data will no longer sync to your Google account. […]

How to create, edit and configure a passphrase to sync Google Chrome

The sync password encrypts all synced data. If you create it, you can store and synchronize data using cloud storage, and Google will not have access to it. Regardless of whether a password has been set or not, your synchronized data is encrypted during transmission. Before creating a sync password Before you create a password, […]

How to change Google Chrome browser interface style

The Google Chrome browser on your computer can be customized using themes. The theme is displayed in the header of the browser and as a background when opening a new tab. Your Chrome themes are saved in your Google account, so when you sign in to Chrome on any computer, you’ll see the same theme. […]

How to create a guest profile in Chrome for other users.

When you create a controlled user profile, you can specify which pages it will be able to view, as well as check what it actually does on the Internet. In the case of a controlled user profile, you can: check which sites he visits; block access to individual pages; prohibit the installation of applications and […]

Reset sync settings in Chrome browser, Stop syncing Google account

If you want to completely stop syncing your Google account in Chrome or delete your data from Google’s servers, you can reset the sync. To stop synchronization and clear synchronized data or reset the synchronization password, follow these steps: Step 1. Open the Google Panel. Make sure you are signed in to your google account. […]

How to disable automatic driver installation in Windows 10.

Often, you need to use the old version of the driver, but after installing the system updates, you again and again get the unnecessary version of the driver, which, since you read it, probably causes problems. In Windows 10, there is a special parameter that you can use to change this behavior. Often an OEM […]

How to enable or disable automatic troubleshooting in Windows 10.

Four years have passed since the official release of Windows 10. During this time, Microsoft has released many small and major updates and has been able to fix most of the errors and known problems in the new system. Windows 10 operating system is stable, faster and better than before. However, you may encounter a […]

How to fix random reboots after upgrading to Windows 10

Some users report that after receiving updates, the system began to reboot sometimes by itself. Restart Windows 10, occurs when programs are running, during the game, and even when the PC is idle. According to users, “Clean Installation” does not always help to solve the problem of accidental restart. If you encounter this problem and […]

How to view the hard disk serial number in Windows 10

Sometimes you need to quickly find the interface through which your hard drive is connected to your PC, its serial number, or a set of other properties. Using the command line you can get a lot of information about your disk. Let’s see how to do this. In Windows 10, using the command line, you […]

How to see which apps discharges the battery in Windows 10?

If you notice that the battery of your Windows 10 device runs out of power too quickly, there may be several reasons for this. This could be a failed battery or one or more applications, causing a greater load on the CPU and other equipment, as a result of which the battery loses its charge […]

A simple way to remove the second Windows 10 system.

Not so long ago, I installed two operating systems on my computer, on disk C: Windows 10 version 1803 was installed, and on disk D: Windows 10 version 1809. Since this solution did not work, plus there was not enough free space on the hard disk when you turned on computer, you must choose which […]